November 2009: Loose Cannons Joined Forces for the SLO Triathlon


San Luis Obispo – On July 26th, 2009, Team Loose Cannons competed in the 30th annual San Luis Obispo Triathlon. Cannon employees, family, friends and clients came together to form 13 teams and 11 individual competitors.

Each year the triathlon brings the extreme, intermediate and beginner Loose Cannon athlete out from his/her cubicle to train for one common goal: fitness, camaraderie and completion. This annual event for Cannon encapsulates what it means to be a Loose Cannon: taking on a challenge; pushing yourself beyond your limits; and working together as a team.

The event would not be complete without a proper Loose Cannon tailgate party/BBQ.

2009 marks the sixth year that Cannon has sponsored the San Luis Obispo Triathlon and Loose Cannons 2nd year participating together.

Loose Cannons thrive on team building, excitement and challenge. You don’t have to be an athlete to participate. That’s not what Loose Cannons are about. We’re about doing things together that you might not try on our own. For more information go to

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