Refining and Chemical Processing

Refining and Chemical Processing


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Imerys Filtration wanted to add a third leach tank in the Celpure Plant at its Lompoc Facility and planned for a future fourth leach tank. The tanks were slated for location near the two existing leach tanks and required a new structural platform and piping tie-ins to nearby services. The phased construction approach included the addition of the third tank as Phase 1, and the proposed tank as Phase 2. Phase 1 also included a new overflow tank and slurry drain pump.  

Cannon completed structural and mechanical engineering design for both phases and prepared plans to permit and install the new tank structures. Cannon had previously scanned the Celpure Plant and used the existing point cloud data for the project. The mechanical/piping design required provisions to incorporate the fourth tank in the future. The structural design incorporated both tanks, and provisions for the Phase 2 platform modifications were planned for a later date. 

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Lompoc, California

Refining and Chemical Processing