Lubrizol Cooling Water Tower System

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. selected Cannon to assist with replacing the existing cooling tower at their Paso Robles plant— a chemical facility that manufactures surfactants, amines, and industrial detergents. Cannon provided laser scan modeling, structural design, and electrical and controls engineering for this project. Cannon’s scope of services included reviewing pipe routing and material for potential upgrades; adding a structural concrete foundation pad with drainage considerations, pipe supports, and berm; and preparing electrical and control plans with factory and site acceptance testing.

Cannon’s electrical and structural teams prepared plans and specifications to obtain permits and construct the cooling tower system. Cannon established a well-defined communication strategy with the contractor to confirm compliance with the approved construction documents. The structural design included tank and equipment foundations, pipe supports, and berm design.

Additional services included analysis and design of new and existing pipe support, anchorage of new and relocated equipment, plan check response, and construction support and oversight.

Cannon took several steps to reduce downtime during the duration of the project. We rented a portable cooling tower and employed efficient engineering and planning strategies while implementing input from Lubrizol representatives.


Paso Robles, California

Key Elements

  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Construction Administration
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