Industrial Wastewater


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In an effort to make arrangements for a secondary WEMCO at the San Ardo Field Water Plant, which allows necessary repair work to take place on an existing WEMCO without any shutdowns, a Central Valley major oil company retained Cannon to facilitate development of the new unit. After discovering a leak, a temporary patch was placed under the tank to provide a seal allowing for continued operation. With the current situation, a full field shutdown (~11k BOPD) was required in order to carry out any repairs or maintenance work. The tank component of the existing WEMCO was out of compliance, and permanent repair work was required.

Cannon produced the building permits, including grading plans for the installation of the Mechanically Induced Gas Flotation (WEMCO) Unit and associated building structures. In addition, Cannon gathered field data and performed site reconnaissance of pipeline routes and existing as-built facilities; developed a plot plan and mechanical equipment plot plan; sized the pipelines and associated equipment as well as specified piping materials and equipment; planned and coordinated acquisition of pre-engineering surveys (such as topographic maps and a soils report if none are available); provided final engineering and design for the equipment foundation, and provided other civil engineering work and any engineered pipe supports that were required.

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San Ardo, California

Industrial Wastewater