Sure-Fresh SCADA Design & Integration

Sure-Fresh installed a new food processing line comprising several pieces of large equipment (including a sorter, a blancher, and a freezer tunnel). Prior to this project, Sure-Fresh did not have a centralized SCADA system to monitor production line efficiencies, power usage, or water usage.

Cannon recommended starting with a basic SCADA infrastructure to allow for expansion at a pace that didn’t exceed budgetary and staffing tolerances. As part of the project, Cannon recommended Sure Fresh standardize its SCADA equipment on programmable logic controllers.

Cannon provided design, installation, and start-up service of Sure Fresh’s SCADA System, including servers, network infrastructure, FactoryTalk SE Server, FactoryTalk OPC Server, and FactoryTalk Historian.


Santa Maria, California

Key Elements

  • SCADA Design and Installation
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