Regional Recycled Water Strategic Plan Complete


California remains highly vulnerable to water shortage this summer as ongoing climate issues plague the state with, historically, one of its most severe droughts. Though state-wide water usage has declined by 5% through May 2014 (, water suppliers and government agencies continue to take efforts to increase water conservation. From campaigns raising conservation awareness in our communities to implementing a variety of strategic programs that budget state funds for water reuse, California is taking strong measures to keep the ecological emergency in check. The San Luis Obispo County Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan and the County’s 2012 Master Water Report identified recycled water as instrumental for long-term water reliability and supply.

Cannon worked with the County of San Luis Obispo to develop the Region’s Recycled Water Strategic Plan. Completion of this plan supported the greater IRWM Plan efforts by prioritizing regional recycled water projects, enabling comparison of recycled water projects with alternative water resources, and identifying one or more projects for the final round of Prop 84 Implementation Grant funding.

Increased interest in recycled water use has been expressed across the County through individual agency water and wastewater planning efforts, and through County-wide efforts such as SLO IRWMP and the County Master Water Plan. The interest in recycled water is driven by several factors, particularly the acknowledgement of limited existing water sources and the desire to maximize the benefit of local resources.