Port San Luis Harford Pier Stabilization


Constructed in the late 19th Century, the Harford Pier comprises a core part of the Port of San Luis facilities and provides significant historical and economic value. The original buildings established atop the pier were destroyed by fire in 1915, and rebuilt into the pier’s current structures in 1919. Since then, the structures have undergone numerous emergency repairs over time with portions of the pier taken down in response to long-term wood decay and other wear and tear issues. Cannon was selected to develop an action plan in response to the Port’s need for the Harford Pier’s preservation, repair, and maintenance. The action plan included a review of the existing studies, site visits to document current conditions, development of schematic repair scenarios, cost estimates for construction repairs, and prioritization of the recommended repairs.

For phase one of the Harford Pier project, Cannon stabilized the warehouse roof structure. This involved inspecting piles and pier caps to determine the expected scale of required work, installation of new piles and pier caps, new treated columns, a new beam, stabilization of the west columns to roof truss connections, and a new shear wall. In phase two Cannon made repairs to the pier south of the warehouse roof and to another area in the south east section. Numerous piles were installed and approximately 50% of the pier caps were replaced along with the majority of the joists and decking. Currently Cannon has proposed work for a third phase, which involves repairs to the pier area in breezeway between the Harbor Patrol offices and seafood market.