Project Results in Facilities Modernization and Improved Production Efficiencies


After two years of precision planning and collaborative effort, the facilities modernization and efficiency program for Pacific Coast Energy Company LP (PCEC) in Orcutt, CA was completed December 31, 2012.

When PCEC began the facilities modernization and efficiency program for the Diatomite project on July 1, 2010, they could not have imagined such a success. The program focused on seven major systems: Water Plant, Steam Plant, Gas Plant, Oil Plant, Field Gas System, Field Communications Backbone, and SCADA Integration. The planning and execution would not have been possible without the collaboration of hardworking men and women of PCEC, Cannon, CD Lyon and many other contractors.  Cannon celebrates the completion of PCEC program as a major win for the project team. It was finished safely, under budget, and ahead of schedule.  The program implementation took place while PCEC remained in simultaneous operation, requiring only one 48 hour shut down.