3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning


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  • Architectural As-built Documenting
    • Building Façades
    • Interiors
    • Historic Building Preservation and Renovation
  • Direct Horizontal and Vertical Dimensioning to develop “What If” Scenarios for building additions and renovations
  • Visual surface and texture analysis through Color Mapped 3D Model
  • Access, Safety and Constructability Analysis
  • Building Information Modeling and 3D Visualizations

Public Infrastructure

  • Detailed 3D Models:
    • Buildings (Interior and Exterior)
    • Bridges and Support Structures
    • Railroads and Tunnels
    • Roadways/Intersections
    • Parkways and Landscaping
    • Reservoirs, Dams, Levees, and Drainage Channels
    • Landfill and Mining Excavations
  • Profiles, Cross-Sections, and Earthwork Quantity Verification
  • Hydrology and Floodplain Mapping

Oil & Gas, Power Generation

  • As-Built Site Surveys for Certification and Regulatory Compliance
  • 3D Pipeline and Facility Models
  • Visual Constraints and Conflict Analysis
  • Access, Safety and Constructability Analysis
  • Digital Color Mapped Visualizations and “Fly Throughs”
  • Power Line and Electrical Facility Management using GIS
  • Process Safety Information (PSI)


  • 360° Digital Photography of site overlaid on 3D Model
  • Deformation and Subsidence Monitoring Surveys
  • Quality Assurance for Permitting and Certification
  • Basis for Assessment Studies for Litigation protection
  • Clearance Evaluations for Industrial Safety Exit and Access Reviews