Arc Flash


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An arc flash is a dangerous event associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc between energized electrical conductors or circuit parts, risking lives and equipment. It is difficult to know the arc flash hazard risk inherent in your power system without assessment by knowledgeable technical resources.

Cannon’s electrical engineers provide comprehensive arc flash studies using power system software. From initial field investigation to generating and applying arc flash labels to the equipment, our electrical engineers provide you with the information necessary to establish a safe work environment. Our licensed electrical engineers follow NFPA and OSHA standards and are members of IEEE, which is the organization that develops the standard for arc flash analysis.

  • Pump Stations – potable water, recycled water, and sewage
  • Oil Fields and Facilities
  • Treatment Plants – water and wastewater
  • Industrial Facilities and Plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Medical Buildings and Centers Data Centers
  • Residential High Rises