Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


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  • Utility Program Technical Support
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Renewable Energy
  • New Construction

  • Energy Auditing
  • Cogeneration
  • Utility Infrastructure



Retro–Commissioning Efficiency Measures

Cannon provides Retro-Commissioning RCx investigation and implementation services to identify and document cost-effective opportunities to lower energy costs by optimizing performance of existing systems. Often, these services are performed in conjunction with the Investor Owned Utility’s (IOU’s) energy efficiency incentive program.

As part of this program, Cannon conducts a rigorous and comprehensive on-site investigation and analysis of building operations during which we seek to identify potential areas of optimization of energy consuming systems.

Next, we recommend corrective action through operational and maintenance improvements that will reduce energy consumption and demand.

Finally, we monitor the results to confirm realized efficiencies.

Customized Retrofit Efficiency Measures

Cannon provides administrative and technical services to realize energy efficiencies through modification and replacement of existing facilities in order to take advantage of more efficient technologies, usually in conjunction with the Investor Owned Utility’s (IOU’s) energy efficiency incentive program.

Cannon will perform energy audits, make recommendations to implement current, cutting edge technologies, perform predictive calculations, monitor and verify installations and confirm realized energy savings.

Customize New Construction Efficiency Measures

Our goal in new construction projects is to become involved with the customer and their design consultants early in the design process to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing the effect on project costs and schedule. As in other programs, we do this in conjunction with the Investor Owned Utility’s (IOU’s) energy efficiency incentive program.

We accomplished this by meeting with the customer and reviewing their conceptual plans, identifying energy efficiency and demand response opportunities and alternatives, and providing energy and cost analysis of those measures in a customer report before final design decisions are made.


Excellent Report – very thorough and accurate. I’m very impressed with how fully you understand our greenhouse operation.

– David Wesley, Director – Projects, Windset Farms, Sempra Energy

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